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Got Something For Us?


When we say submission we don’t mean a submarine mission or the act of being submissive. No, we want you to submit your ideas for shoots and features. Especially if you’re 16-24 years old, we would really like you to get involved. Have a look over the site and get a feel for the topics we like, and then make your pitch. 

Top tip! We love stories with a strong point of view. Whether it’s written, photographic or video, Disorder adores original voices. Shock us with your honesty, wow us with your clarity, humiliate us with your originality. 

Send your unsolicited editorial to submissions@disordermagazine.com 

Or, for specific departments: 







Sometimes we get overwhelmed so allow 60 days for your entry to be received and reviewed. If you don’t hear back, you probably didn’t make the cut (sorry). We don’t always have time to give individual feedback, but give us a nudge and you might be lucky. 

Thank you in advance! 

Team Disorder.