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The Blinding Lights rock

The Blinding Lights rock

By: Disorder Magazine

Our SoundCheck session with the London rockers.

The Blinding Lights are proper rock and rollers. As with most modern bands they take their musical inspiration from a number of different sources and a variety of genres, but the fact that they take their name – and rock-til-you-drop gusto – from Springsteen (more specifically his cover-inspiring “Blinded by the Light”) tells you all you need to know about their energetic attitude to rock.

Case in point: the four-piece’s evocative, pop-ish debut single “Can’t Get Enough”, which paints an amorous scene of late night hook-ups and early-hours passion – a testament to the monomaniacal urgency of desire. They played it for us, getting our cameraman all hot and bothered in the process.

“Can’t Get Enough”

And then, showing off their versatility, they performed an interesting rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Red”.


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Thanks to Zigfrid von Underbelly