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Sam Way: music on film

Sam Way: music on film

By: Disorder Magazine

Sam Way is an ambitious singer from London.

So impressed were we by his new single 'Last Page', we just had to get him into the studio for a SoundCheck session and a follow-up interview. We brought the mics, he brought his customary cheek.



Disorder: What are you working on right now?

Sam Way: Right now, I've pretty much just come back from three months in NYC, so coming back home to London my life has been taken over by post  – tax returns and life admin... rock and roll, right? [Also], putting the finishing touches on the EP starts in a few weeks, ready for the new year.


D: What people, places or things inspire you?

S: Love/lust/travel/books. I think the inspiration is often about not only being ready to receive it – but willing to focus your attention on it.


D: What artists turn you on?

S: (Like sexually? Or just their music?) Nick Mulvey, I'd love to see you play live, mate; you are a talent! But your beard does nothing for me.


D: What is your ultimate ambition? / Who do you want to be when you grow up?

S: Grow up? Never! lol. I still want to be a ninja/marine biologist or a Dragon.... But if I have to I would love to play Glasto one day – that would be a dream.


D: What got you started (the secret of your success)?

S: Just. Don't. Stop. Keep. Growing.


D: What has been the biggest surprise/lesson along the way?

S: Surprise: How little you earn as an artist on streaming services. Lesson: it's never too late to pull the plug and start again – if it isn't right, don't do it.


D: Who was your first crush?

S: OMG! Buffy the F******** Vampire Slayer!!! LOL


D: Who are your favourite fictional heroes?

S: Nightcrawler – badass. Hulk – badass. Naruto – he never breaks a promise, wants to heal the world of pain and war, is totally driven by his emotions and is never scared to show them. Total legit HERO.  


D: What/where do you like to eat or drink?

S: Coffee – Second Shot on Bethnal Green road; Thai food – New place on Commercial Road called Som Sa... it was really good; Burgers – Dirty Burger/Bleeker Burger. Don't know which one I prefer.


D: Where do you feel most yourself?

S: Who am I again? Still working that one out, I think. I honestly feel most at 'home' when I'm lost in time, though – playing the guitar and songwriting.


Last Page



D: When are you at your worst? / What is your worst trait?

S: I can be incredibly selfish. I'm working on it, though.


D: What (injustice -> petty irritation) do you hate the most? / What would you most like to change in the world?

S: 2016 has been a pretty dark year for quite a lot of the things I stand for, and in a sense of the people/artists and figureheads we have lost. If I could change one thing? It's a big one – I would wish, with the most solemn of hearts, that we, as a global, worldwide, international community, start to think and treat each other and the earth with love, respect and honour. For the sake of the planet and our children's children.


D: What talent do you wish you had?

S: Ninja stealth.


D: What is your dominant characteristic?

S: Ambition, so I'm told.


D: What do you appreciate most in your friends?

S: Their openness, creativity, honesty and humour.


D: What innovation/invention do you love most?

S: Where would I be without the invention of the guitar?


D: What is your idea of happiness?

S:  The fleeting yet beautiful part of the journey that is life... or coconuts... a beach in Thailand... yoga in the morning... two swims a day... a guitar... friends... love... BBQS... and a beer! Man, I've literally just made myself want to go on holiday by writing that.


D: What is your present state of mind?

S: Solely focused on getting this interview done before going to a friends birthday and probably drinking a little too much. I'm happy, doing a lot of soul-searching right now, too. Saw a friend today, had some epic life chat, and went to go play some guitar by the canal in Homerton. It's cold in London... must get decent gloves...


D: What would you do if you were not doing this

S: That is a good question. I was in Waterstones the other day and I just thought, 'Wow... all these books, all these people, authors, just trying to figure life out, wanting to tell a story, to contribute something to our collective consciousness'. It was kind of overwhelming. So, I don't know, I think music is the only thing I want to explore right now. Will that change? Maybe I'll have an answer for you in the next interview...


W/ Samwaymusic.com