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Puzzle: continuing to perplex

Puzzle: continuing to perplex

By: Disorder Magazine

Brazilian-born, London-based PUZZLE makes experimental electropop that will have you deleting dating apps.

Having hung out last year, snapping pics and chatting chicks, we caught up again to get the lowdown on his new music in an exclusive SoundCheck session. His debut EP Babylon—so called for its relation to the cultural centre of old, legendary for its one-time eminence in knowledge—comments on present day human interaction, in the digital age. The name, serving as wrapping for the cryptic four-track parcel, is just one clue left behind by the enigmatic duper as he coaxes you on a musical treasure hunt explored through loosely connected vignettes. Which, we’ve pretty much decided, is designed to highlight the effect that too much Tinder has on your chances of finding love, or something.

First single “Little Black Book” kick-starts the EP with energetic pop. Lyrically, it tells of someone unable to detach feelings from hook-up with their more promiscuous partner, well aware that they’re “just another number” in their little black book.

“Little Black Book”

Riddler that he is, PUZZLE was keen to keep further contents of Babylon close to his chest before its release, and so covered “Heartburn”, a Wafia song, for his SoundCheck encore.


“Little Black Book” is out 27th January. Babylon is due 3rd March. Judging on past form, expect to be seduced by an experience that is every bit as visually captivating as it is musically. Even if you can’t quite find every little hint.  

Many thanks to The Astronomer 125-129 Middlesex Street, E1 7JF


B/ -  Little Black Book