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Molly Kate Kestner: Disorder SoundCheck

Molly Kate Kestner: Disorder SoundCheck

By: Disorder Magazine

Stardate 3004.14. Mr Sulu asks the universe: “Has America found its Adele?”

Star Trek actor George Takei was referring to then-in-high-school Molly Kate Kestner, whose song His Daughter (a chronicle concerning unplanned pregnancy) went from nought to seven million YouTube views in the space of a few weeks.

Since signing with Atlantic Records, Molly, from Austin, Minnesota, has written for the likes of Kelly Clarkson and Wiz Khalifa.

Last week came the release of her latest single Footprints. And just before that (Okay, Stardate 1209.17, to be precise), Molly joined us at The Astronomer for stripped back versions of Footprints and It’s You.