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GG: SoundCheck

GG: SoundCheck

By: Disorder Magazine

Most artists like to build on their success, their reputation. Starting from scratch in a land afar, anonymous to the natives (apart from a few Russian expats) might be a little unconventional. But then this ‘otvazhnyy’ Russian ginger girl wants to do it right!

Promoting her first english language EP ‘4 Days’ at UK festivals this summer GG has attracted accolades like ‘hypnotic’, ‘4 Stars’, ‘captivating and unconventional’.
During rehearsals we teamed up for a SoundCheck session with 2 tracks from the EP ‘Never Seen Me Dance’ and title track ‘4Days’.

4 Days

Never Seen Me Dance

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I/ @_ggofficial

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Tour dates

30th June: Bristol Pride

19th Aug: Warwickshire Pride

26th Aug: TVW Stock Festival

2nd Sep: Hertfordshire Pride