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The Gift: ‘Clinic Hope’

The Gift: ‘Clinic Hope’

By: Disorder Magazine

The Gift return with ‘Clinic Hope’, the second single from their warmly anticipated, Brian Eno co-produced, forthcoming album.

The song is vibrant and addictive. In her own words, vocalist Sónia Tavares says that it “deals with adoration. Someone contemplates a girl and marvels at her joie de vivre. A fantasy of marriage, happiness for life, hope when everything else fails, clinic hope.”

The video paints a similar picture as we follow a New York commuter isolated underground on the subway. Nudged by fragments from a hidden looping drum, he is encouraged to escape and resurface. Incited by the on/off beat he hops off the train where he pauses at the foot of some stairs. Casting his gaze downwards the music stops. Up, and it starts again. His path is clear.

Above ground, sun shining, the music is allowed to flourish, electronic sounds weave into a pulsing, spinning head-rush. Soon, our newly impassioned commuter-cum-renegade, shorn of contemporary burdens like winter coat and tie, is joined by others. All consumed, they are drawn to the source: an innocuous warehouse. Where they break free in the midst of microphone-grappling sirens. Lair of the Gift. Except these seducers liberate, giving life (or hope) instead of taking it.

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