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Meet London’s latest dance-pop producers, the vigorous trio Nari, Jordan and Teo, and their in-form outfit Jaded.

Not that there’s any malady in their melody. In fact, just try and stop yourself from enjoying the abandon in their music, which is clean, fiery and full of quirks (see samples in 2016 debut, 4000hz, for some “Is that a hawk?” moments). Go on. Just try. Fatboy Slim, David Guetta and Jax Jones certainly can’t, each effusively on-the-record over In the Morning, a summer dance floor smash, upbeat and brash, sampling trumpets and empowering ladies: “I ain’t looking for a ring cos I got what I want / I ain’t looking for a ring cos I got what I need.” Yeah? Well, we ain’t looking for no-thing cos we’re too busy grooving. With its vivacity and spunk, [night] owl symbolism, and three gyrating, “hangry” ladies, In the Morning is an indulgent ode to the colour and variety of inner-city life. What else.

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