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Desert Mountain Tribe: From the Pit

Desert Mountain Tribe: From the Pit

By: Disorder Magazine

We snapped the band live from in the bowels of Electrowerkz’ pit.

Desert Mountain Tribe’s debut album Either That Or The Moon is a neatly packaged psych-rock treat. As their name evokes (especially when initialled), the trio from Croydon and Cologne draw inspiration from bands of the 60s, fusing that style with contemporary influences to create a sound that is at once familiar and distinct.

At their gig in Islington, they were as formidable and finely tuned on stage as their album promised.

Left to right: Brothers Philipp and Felix Jahn; frontman Jonty Balls.

From the back, Felix drove the marching melody, created by the bass and overlaid by the thrumming groove of Ball’s guitar, with effortless force.

Whilst Balls’ vocals wove darkly into the night.

‘Take A Ride’, the third single from Either That Or The Moon, is set for release on 9th December. We advise you to download it, put in your car stereo and do as the title suggests.

For more photos from this show, check out the slideshow below.

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