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Stealing Signs talk to themselves

Stealing Signs talk to themselves

By: Disorder Magazine

We caught up with the witty Essex-born band, currently riding the wave of their new EP A Different Time.

When we invited UK alt-rock outfit Stealing Signs (so-called because in their youth they would, in fact, steal signs) for an interview, they said, “No, fuck off you taskmasters – we don’t travel for no bloody youth magazine.” (They didn’t really, they’re actually rather polite – though we bet they’d have no trouble rocking up for NME, or, though it sours the throat, Vice.) They did, however, bless ‘em, agree to an autoview (Autoview. Noun. A conversation with one’s self for the purpose of elucidating one’s life, work and/or attitude. Origin: Coined November 2016, in this here article), in which, to their redemption, they excelled.

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