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LP: songwriting vs suits

LP: songwriting vs suits

By: Eleonora Cristin

Laura Pergolizzi, known by her stage name LP, is an American songstress whose, somewhat hidden, involvement in the record industry has given her genuine insight into what it means to be a musician. From record deals with no released record to fears of a career stuck behind the scenes, the growing recognition for her music, for her ability to tell a story, has been long in the making.

LP Shoot wearing All Saints Coat
LP in a jacket from All Saints

Long Island born and raised, LP made the switch from NY to LA to further her career in 2010, after a number of positively received releases that failed to achieve widespread recognition. Feet found in the lucrative sands of the West Coast, she managed to integrate herself into what she calls “the major label system”, writing a huge number of songs for popular artists including the Backstreet Boys, Rihanna and Christina Aguilera.

LP in McQueen Leather Jacket
LP in a leather jacket by McQueen

Listening to LP speak, it’s clear this experience has given her considerable wisdom. Her interview is full of positive aphorisms for the nascent musician, extolling the value of self-belief and determination – qualities she takes into the production of her own music. But, crucially perhaps, this dedication is balanced with the ability to derive pleasure from the process. She’s not an industry automaton, despite what her prolific songwriting output might suggest – she readily cites picking up and learning the ukulele, something of an LP trademark, for its sheer simplicity and fun.

Touching on authenticity, of capturing feeling, in lyrics, and how the process changes when writing for herself or for others, she suggests that those which she thinks are perhaps more personal to her, tend to find their way into her own releases. The single Lost on You, an example of this selection process, has been a huge hit internationally. A sign that LP’s songwriting prowess is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

 LP’s single Lost On You is out now and she will have an album following in May. You can also catch LP live at Camden’s Koko, 24th April.

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