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The Rolling Stones: Exhibitionism

The Rolling Stones: Exhibitionism

By: Madeleine Hall

Calling all Rolling Stones fans – you most definitely will not want to miss this. Starting from the 6th of April 2016, The Rolling Stones are taking over the Saatchi Gallery in a major exhibition devoted to their career.

This exhibition has been in the works for years as they wanted to make it just right. This particular location is very special to them because Jones, Richards and Jagger lived down the road when they shared a flat back in 1962. 

Over the years when the band was on tour, many items were collected as they believed that these items served an importance and should be saved to be seen by others in the future. The band wanted to make this experience very interactive so the exhibition includes famous stage wear, photographs, cinematic presentations, guitars, diaries, rare audio, artwork and so much more from the band. Over hundreds of artefacts from the band will be exhibited over two floors in nine different themed galleries. There are also collaborations with many different artists, designers, and musicians that will be included. 

Not only will this exhibition be featured in London, but will then move on to 11 more cities around the world. If you haven’t been able to see The Rolling Stones live in concert over their 52-year career, this is the next best thing. They took many years to develop this making sure it was perfect and what they believed the fans would want to see. Who could not love the Stones? They quickly became known as The Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band all over the world.

For me, when I was growing up my dad was and still is a huge fan of the Stones. Having them play around the house and on long road trips soon made me into a fan. So when I saw that they were going to be holding this exhibition, I wanted to jump right into it immediately, wanting to know all of the information about it and where I could buy tickets. Having never seen them in concert, I felt that this was the next best thing. All of the ideas and layouts for this exhibition come straight from the band, making it very personal and 100% Stones. 

VIP tickets are available which include: two different days you can visit, a souvenir ticket and a lanyard, but is only available for purchase online.